Legal translation and financial translation specialists

Eulenhaupt Translation Services is a group of lawyers who engage in legal translation, so-called lawyer-linguists. Along with various economics and finance professionals who engage in business and financial translation we are a network of legal and financial translation specialists.
What do we offer?
— Translations by lawyers for lawyers and businesses.
— Translations by economics and finance professionals for lawyers, accountants, tax advisors, etc.
— Additionally to our commercial offer we provide a sound and well-maintained list of web resources not only useful for qualified legal and financial translators but basically for anybody interested in languages and multilingualism (see links at the right hand side of the menu bar).
What makes us different from other providers of legal translation and financial translation?
We adhere to the principle that a translator must perfectly understand the matter to be translated and we handle only a limited number of languages.


Eulenhaupt Translation Services' branch in Berlin can provide you with state of the art German into English (and vice versa) legal translations, business translations and financial translations. Generally, any translator who is part of our legal and financial translators' network translates into his or her native language, basically, English, Dutch and German. To round up the spectrum there are native speakers of French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Romanian, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian.


As a matter of fact, all our translators are expert in society, law, government, tax, economy and finance. Our focus is on corporate and business law, trade law, the law of contracts and litigation law.

Target group (clients)

Private companies, accountants, underwriters and of course law firms are among our clients since we are one out of a very limited number of translation agencies that really specialise in legal and financial translation.


If you want to know who requested Eulenhaupt Translation Services in the past, please feel free to ask for our list of customers.

Certified translations

Certification of translations might become obligatory under certain circumstances. If there are official legal documents for submission to courtrooms and government agencies, such as affidavits, in most cases a certification by a sworn translator, stating the integrity of his or her translation shall be required. For the attesting and/or legalising of an official letterhead, signature and/or seal, some documents even need to be delivered along with a so called apostille. Such certification and apostille services are provided by Eulenhaupt Translation Services, i.e. apostille services only within Germany and the Netherlands.