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Eulenhaupt Translation Services is a group of lawyer-linguists providing legal translation, financial translation and legal translation proofreading and editing services.

Translation? Legal translation? This is understood. But what is proofreading and editing?

Proofreading is a linguistic verification, a technical cross-check in other words, editing is a professional review of contents. While editing might be perceived as a comparative revision, proofreading may be seen as cross-reading or re-reading.

Proofreading is often described as a science.
A proofreading process is there to check a written work - a legal translation for that matter. Proofreading is searching for errors in syntax, spelling, punctuation and grammar, inconsistent terminology and improper referencing. Proofreading tends to result in minor linguistic adjustments to text rather than substantive changes.

If proofreading is a science, editing is an art.
Editing consitst of evaluating and improving the overall quality of a text - a foreign language legal writing for that matter. In contrary to proofreading, editing requires a considerable deal of linguistic creativity. As a result, sound editing may show a need for extensive, or rather substantial changes to text. Editing is all about making sure that the meaning of written work is conveyed in the best possible and thus readable and understandable way.

Therefore, editing, rather than proofreading, involves looking more closely at the content itself, using specialist knowledge of the subject to clarify textual notions - 'legalese' for that matter - and check facts as well.

Translation, proofreading, editing. So far, so good. But who or what is a lawyer-linguist?

A lawyer-linguist is a law graduate in the capacity of a legal language expert, and thus specialist in translating and revising legal texts, and...

Eulenhaupt Translation Services is a network of qualified legal language experts, along with a small number of economics and finance professionals, specializing in legal translation, financial translation, business translation and in the verification and revision of foreign language legal and financial writings.

Now, what does Eulenhaupt Translation Services stands for?

Translation services by lawyers for lawyers and businesses.
Editing services to lawyers and businesses by lawyers.
Translation services by economics and finance professionals.

— In addition to our commercial offer we provide the visitor of our web presence with a sound and well-maintained list of web resources not only useful for qualified legal translators and financial translators but - in essence and in substance - for anybody interested in languages and multilingualism.

And, what makes the difference?

Lawyer-linguists' network members know, as practising lawyers do:
Only linguistically experienced lawyers are in a position to provide comprehensive translation as well translation revision and editing services in the field of law.

And, as a network Eulenhaupt Translation Services handles only a limited number of languages.


Lawyer-linguists' services consist of two units.

Eulenhaupt Translation Services' Berlin branch provides English into German and German into English translation and proofreading services, whereas

Eulenhaupt Translation Services' Amsterdam branch is a supplier of German into Dutch and Dutch into German as well as English into Dutch and Dutch into English translation and proofreading services.

Every translator who is part of our legal translators' and financial translators' network translates into his or her native language, basically, English, Dutch and German.


As lawyer-linguists we are expert in societal, legal, governmental, fiscal, economic and financial issues.

Most often, however, we see texts subsumed under the category of corporate law (business law), commercial law and the law of contracts: contract translation, which in itself is a highly specialized qualification.

Interwoven with, and connected to the latter, we have particular expertise in the translation of standard-form-contracts, boilerplate clauses and general terms and conditions.

Furthermore and generally, our lawyer-linguists are competent in substantive administrative, antitrust, acquisition, arbitration & mediation, banking, bankruptcy, communication, competition, constitutional, construction, criminal, environmental, family, industrial, insurance, intellectual property, internet, labor, property, patent and tax law.

And, of course, every legal translation expert who is part of the network is knowledgeable, ergo professional in the litigation law and thus the laws of procedure in/of his or her jurisdiction.


Public institutions of academic education and research, private companies of various sorts and sizes, accountants, tax advisors, underwriters and of course law firms are among our clients since Eulenhaupt Translation Services is one out of a very limited number of translation and revision providers specialized in legal and financial matters.


If you want to know who requested our specialist translation, proofreading and editing services in the past, please feel free to ask for our list of customers.

Certified translations

Certification of translations might become obligatory under certain circumstances.

If there are official legal documents for submission to courtrooms and government agencies, such as affidavits, in many cases a certification by an authorized legal translator, also be referred to as a court-appointed translator, sworn translator, court authorized legal translator or a certified legal translator, certifying the accuracy and thus integrity and thus reliability of his or her translation by his or her signature/seal (MITI or FITI certification seal) shall be required.

For the attesting (lawfully testifying that the translation is true and accurate) and/or legalising of an official letterhead, signature and/or seal, some documents even need to be delivered along with a so called apostille, stating the authenticity of the authorized translator's signature/seal.

Certification services are provided by Eulenhaupt Translation Services. Apostillation services are not part of Eulenhaupt Translation Services' portefeuille de services.