Translations by lawyer-linguists for lawyers and businesses

Eulenhaupt Translation Services is a group of dedicated linguists, lawyers, economics and finance professionals who engage in legal translation, financial translation and business translation, not only but mainly for lawyers.

The way we work

As a network, Eulenhaupt Translation Services operates on the principle of dual control through interdisciplinary collaboration. Consequently, in order to ensure a second opinion in the true sense of the word, every translation by a lawyer or an economics and finance professional is reviewed by a graduate linguist. And vice versa, every translation carried out by a professional translator is checked by a graduate lawyer and a financial expert, respectively.

Centre of interest

Our translators’ focus is on translating voluminous complex legal documents. As bilingual and bicultural lawyers we see the substantive and procedural differences in Common law and Continental law systems.


As indicated before, law is subject to the culture of a country and may vary substantially and essentially. Legal translation is therefore considered one of the most challenging specialties. Not only does any high quality legal translation demand idiomatic, orthographic, semantic and grammatical correctness but also correctness of the contents in a broader sense. There is a necessity for linguistic skills as well as legal skills to fulfil both demands.

In the words of the American lawyer Francisco Avalos it reads as follows: “Legal translating requires two basic skills. The first skill is a fundamental knowledge of the original and target languages. The second skill is an intelligent grasp of the legal system of each of the countries involved. The state of these two conditions, in the legal translator, will determine the quality of a legal translation. A good legal translator has the ability to not only retain the integrity of the legal information of a document, but to capture nuance inherent in a language, while also respecting the author's writing style.“

The Chinese Australian linguist and a legal scholar Deborah Cao adds: “Given the complexity and difficulty of legal translation, one may wonder whether law is translatable and whether true equivalence can be achieved in legal translation. If one beliefs that no two historical epochs, no two social classes and not wo localities use words and syntax to signify exactly the same things [...], then one may question whether translation attempting to achieve equivalence is indeed possible. It is a fact that one major and frequently encountered difficulty in legal translation is the translation of foreign legal concepts.”

And finally, to quote the Croatian lawyer and lecturer in legal translation Susan Sarcevic: “Making reliable decisions (as a legal translator) requires not only legal competence but also considerable intuition. In legal translation intuition is not a natural ability but is acquired through interdisciplinary training in law and translation.”

Moreover, the Hungarian American mathematician John von Neumann summarized it all superbly in one single quote: “There's no sense in being precise when you ([sic] i.e. a linguist without legal background) don't even know what you're talking about.”


In 1995 Eulenhaupt Translation Services was established as a legal translation agency by lawyer-linguist Michael Eulenhaupt. Michael began translating legal documents when he was student at Amsterdam Law School. As a German native speaker living in Holland for many years, it seemed the obvious thing to do. As of February 1995, after graduating with a masters degree in Dutch law from the Universiteit van Amsterdam, Michael became engaged in professional legal and financial translation.

Media/computer hardware

When doing business best possible i.e. timely communication is more important than ever. Use of the smartphone, netbook and desktop computer ensure optimal internal and external communication; i.e. communication within the translators´ network and between you as the customer and us as the supplier.

Computer software/Internet

Every single translator of the network is very experienced in dealing with computer software and the Internet. Consider automatic speech recognition, translation programs on the Internet (Google Translate) and computer-aided translation which can substantially simplify the processing and management of texts that are (largely) identical, not only in terminology but also in structure. Computer aided translation software memorizes words and syntax. This is especially useful not only with repetitive text but also with information that needs frequent updating. However, with legal translations, experience has shown that such tools are not much help. Which does not mean, on the other hand, that they are useless.


It goes without saying: all assignments will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. Without any doubt, confidentiality - along with quality and punctuality - is the most important factor in Eulenhaupt Translation Services' relationship to its clients.

E-mail and file encryption

As of September 2013 we provide for secured file transfer. Our PGP public encryption key - which you can find in the side menu at the upper right-hand side - is available for those correspondents who wish to send us information in confidence, and also for those who value the meaning of privacy, even if one has got nothing to hide.


The Amsterdam branch of Eulenhaupt Translation Services is a main supplier of Dutch-German legal translation whereas the Berlin branch provides state of the art German-English legal and financial translations. Since there is a high standard of personal understanding within each member of the network Eulenhaupt Translation Services can respond very quickly and flexibly to translation requests. In other words, due to the special nature of our lawyer-linguists' network we are in a position to provide you with high quality legal translations within the shortest turnaround times.